Nepal needs 3D Printing

The question is – how can 3D printing help the people of Nepal?

With the awful disaster in Nepal, it made me think, how we can use 3D printing to help those people, to help anyone in an emergency.  The first solution that comes to mind is the 3D printed buildings, in China they 3D printed 10 houses in 24 hours, that would help solve some of the building issues in Nepal right now. The temporary secure structures that could be printed include hospitals, shelters, offices, storage and docks. It may even be possible for the construction material to be harvested from the collapsed buildings.

3D printing for disaster relief

3D printing for disaster relief

In a disaster area everything becomes limited, using 3D printers to create on-demand 3D printed spare parts maybe faster than shipping them in and allow some time for exact components to be shipped in.

Speed is the number one issue with 3D printing in an emergency however companies like carbon 3D are creating 3D printing technology that prints very fast and would be useful in an emergency but it’s a bit off now.

Again, I ask you the question – how can 3D printing help the people of Nepal right now?