The 3D Modeling Gallery

The 3D Modeling Gallery, the place where you download your favorite 3D models for 3D printing or Upload your favorite 3D models for others to download or buy. The market place is really heating up, there is new functions, new products new ways of downloading, cloud slicing and new ways of selling your digital content. 


3D Model Gallery

3D Model Gallery

This is all great news of course, it means that the customer (user) is getting a selection of pretty dam cool models from a variety of content providers. Not only that it is allowing independent artists, designers and makers to create their own designs and sell them through these online galleries. Its pushing innovation and pooling the collective knowledge of artists, designers and engineers. 3D modelling sites have also given rise to great initiatives such as Enabling The Future which gives access to people who need prosthetic limbs that are affordable, functional and often very cool 3D printed alternatives. 


Pinshape a Canada based 3D model gallery is user driven meaning that all of their designs are created by a community of designers, engineers and creators. Interestingly Pinshape also allows for users to stream 3D models from their site using 3DPrinterOS, a 3D printing cloud based system. This offers lots of IP protection for designers who don’t want unauthorised copies of their designs on the market. 3DShook another 3D model gallery offers users a different option with a subscription service to access their 3D models that have been created in house by their design team and is guaranteed to print.  Then there is cgtrader a 3D computer graphics model site that has be operating since 2011 and now has a dedicated section for 3D printing.


Of course many 3D Printer manufacturers have their own 3D galleries to support their printers such as the XYZprinting gallery and Thingiverse. There are other 3D model databases out there too, such as Yobi3D and Yeggi who are able to organise huge amounts of 3D models from the internet and store them in one place. 


There is one certainty for the future 3D modelling gallery landscape, it’s here to stay, it’s likely to transform over the years but access to 3D model content is definitely going to shape how we buy, sell and use products.